A Transylvanian in Silicon Valley
-- a play by Silvian Centiu --

Critically acclaimed show performed in
the Americas (San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley), Europe (Germany, Romania, United Kingdom, Austria), Africa (Namibia), Asia (Japan, Singapore, China, India), Australia

The performance is "unique" and "refreshing" and the play "isn't just an interesting story, but a genuine, charming, and hilarious account of a life with more than its fair share of obstacles." -- Rory Brown, San Francisco Foghorn

Centiu has "more personality than Dracula", is "charming and gregarious", and "is surprisingly funny, especially for someone who has lived several lifetimes worth of heartache and danger." -- Elizabeth Jardina, San Mateo Times

"Fascinating story ... In the role depicting himself, his own life, Silvian is the best actor in the world. ... An example to follow, we strongly applaud this unique inspiring personality." -- Mario A. Echevarria, San Francisco Tribune

"Centiu has a story worth telling, ... he's a natural raconteur, ... with a highly refined black humor. ... A Transylvanian is perfectly publishable as it stands, but on the page it would lack the music of his accent and his shrugging, conversational cadence." -- Jonathan Kiefer, San Francisco Weekly

"Silvian Centiu's one-man show makes great theater ... a compelling story ... full of all the things you expect of a hero ... wow, really good ... a rollicking 70 minutes you won't soon forget." -- James Martin, sanfrancisco.about.com

"Centiu tells a riveting and passionate tale ... His stories are funny and heartfelt ... His realization of the American Dream is both funny and inspirational. Frank Capra would be proud." -- Josephine Cashman, nytheatre.com

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